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URL Shortening with CouchDB

Update handler are not allowed to execute GET requests in a default CouchDB installation. That must be an architectural decision - technically its easy to achive, one code line in the CouchDB source code must be commented out. Why this could it be worth showing the use cases "url shortening".

Url Shortening With Couchdb/update_handler_flow

Url Shortening With Couchdb/rewrite_update

Static websites and blogs with CouchDB

Web performance is basically not a beast - loading as less as possible amount (~10KB) of pre-rendered html/css in as less as possible http requests (~1) will display the site in a really short time (~300ms). Let's do it with a CouchDB.

Static Websites And Blogs With Couchdb/posting Sequence

Static Websites And Blogs With Couchdb/posting Flow